Friday, February 24, 2006

Quick Draw McGraw

Have I mentioned 'The Producers' already?? Play is awesome the 'new' film is v neat ... but be prepared to be humming 'Springtime for Hitler' for days after ....

Last week was 'Jarhead'; very fascinating movie ... beautifully shot; thank you Mr. Mendes. This week was gonna be 'Munich' but my neighbour needed me to drink wine with her and listen to her bemoan her lovelife ... (she should 'kick 'im to the kerb', BTW).

DVDs watched this week; 'Snatch' - dull and predicatable. 'Lock, Stock ...' with a different name. 'The Usual Suspects' - great, great movie - forgot how great! Might be a geek later and watch the 'extras' ... or mebbe not. Released over 10 years ago, can you believe it??

No gym stuff since last Saturday!!!, no energy basically. Tai Chi dude is back on Monday ... so that can be "day one" of fitness regime ;o)

It's good to have a plan ... as someone once said!

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