Friday, February 24, 2006

This Blog Stuff ...

... is hard work!!

Just having a random blog like mine, where I just stick stuff up every now and again that catches my eye ... or might be of interest to Stew!! ;o) is tough going.

Perhaps I need to find a hobby and write about nothing but that?? But then again, knowing me, I'd get bored of that and what to do something 'more interesting' instead!!

Okay, that's decided then ... I'll stick with the random formula - if something gets posted, that's a bonus. Would like to develop some kind of a debate, but to be honest with you, a) who actually reads this, b) why do I do it??

a) - the Birch
b) - lord knows; aide memoir ... pass the time?? Could be either or none, or is it just to prove to Baz n Ben n Chris (aka the Geek Massive) that I can maintain a blog ;o)

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