Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your Favourite Independent Cinemas

I asked Twitter what their favourite independent cinemas were and why. Here are the results. Please add your comments and favourites too, either on this blog or via twitter - @debsa


The DanceHouse in Manchester. Lots of horror films. Not really a cinema though. The corner house is though. Lots of old films.

Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. They put on foreign/indie films, used to do a thing called "Bad Film Club", where they put on an awful film, then two comedians are there to make fun of it, etc.

The Lexi. Lovely. Relaxed atmosphere, nice staff & ethos. 

Curzon Soho. Relaxed, clean, decent bar, good choice of food stuffs. Oh, and great movie selection.

Also love Screen on the Green in Islington for the huge comfy seats, fab bar and drinks/food table service.

Prince Charles Cinema - great specials, interesting choices, cheap membership.

The Ritzy, Brixton. Consistently rewarding mix of blockbusters, indies, documentaries, classics etc. Great atmosphere. Good coffee. Located on an exciting corner of an exciting part of town. Housed in a beautiful building with icons of film history on its walls.

The Dominion in Edinburgh is lovely. Sofas to cuddle up on, kid/baby friendly afternoons & waitress service for booze.

Three really good ones. Duke of York in Brighton, Kinema in Woodhall Spa; Showroom Cinema here in Sheffield. Showroom is superb. Bar, great choice of independent/foreign film plus some mainstream, seasons, NT Live, comfy, cake.

Everyman Winchester. Such a wonderful ambience. Art in foyer, sophisticated consumables, bar, exposed bricks, comfy seats. Heaven.

Dominion Cinema Edinburgh. Couches, recliners, booze, fabulous seat service, lovely staff, family friendly but great for date too.

Broadway in Nottingham,it’s always a treat to watch a film there plus they always show a lot of classics.

I have a deep hatred of multiplexes so lovely pretty much any indie. Also the pop-up ones like Rooftop Cinema. London faves: Rich Mix (for programme), Prince Charles (for the love) and Curzon Soho.

The Scala Ilkeston, just a bizarre building in a town centre which has more or less only got pubs

The Tyneside, Newcastle. Sofas to sit on, serves wine with film, good film club / quiz nights and has nice place for food.

Bognor Picturedrome, it's a proper picture palace!

@PlymArtsCentre great ambience, fab movie theatre & the food is outstanding......

Queens film theatre Belfast

I love Electric Birmingham #independentcinema the sofa seats, text waiter service, & great choice of classic; latest films makes me happy. You can also hire out @ElectricBham to show a film, or to host an event -brilliant. People even get married there! #independentcinema

The Phoenix in Leicester. Friendly environment, less commercial and desperate to sell a shed load of popcorn. Much better film offer

The Tyneside cinema. Independent films, and wine. Mostly the wine. it’s just nice. Comedy nights and a nice comfy seat.

This one: Its my local cinema. It has a bar, and you can book sofas. Ritzy Belper
My favourite is the Curzon in Clevedon, because

Duke of York, Brighton. The variety, atmosphere, the difference.

Clapham Picturehouse, all the big films plus indie standouts, NT live, opera & ballet seasons. Special shows with 'meet the director'. Plus with membership they reward you with money off at the bar and local restaurants. It's just a lovely experience.

Everyman Cinema, Belsize Park, NW3. Smaller screen,waiter service, sofas,food/drink.

The Prince Charles - @ThePCCLondon are constantly impressing me with their programme. If I was closer I think I'd live in one of their seats.

Cinema City Norwich. @CinemaCityNrw Friendly, cozy; shows great films. Also in a wonderful Mediaeval building.

Harbour Lights Southampton, what a view !

Stockport Plaza - an art deco wonder. 

Lighthouse Cinema Dublin, intimate funky cosy armchared Swedish inspired

Picturehouse, Henley-on-Thames. Serves alcohol, comfy seats, no chavvy kids. Also does a baby screening called a screaming!

Everyman at Maida Vale.

Watershed in Bristol. Variety of films w/world cinema. Attached to bar too so food & drink. Vibrant. Also Chapter Arts in Cardiff.

Warwick Arts Centre cinema - civilised company, range of intelligent & interesting films, no popcorn.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Save Our NHS - sad news

Update from 38 Degrees

This isn't an easy email to write. It's bad news. After more than a year of controversy and debate, the government has got its NHS plans through Parliament.[1] Our petition was read out many times, and there were scores of MPs and Lords who gave a passionate defence of the NHS, but the votes were still lost.[2] It isn't the result any of us were hoping for.

They didn't totally get their own way. 38 Degrees members – along with doctors and nurses’ groups, medical charities and even some politicians – forced through changes and delays. But while there are glimmers of hope, it's still pretty grim. Most medical experts still warn that these changes will do horrible damage to our health service.[3]

We came close, and we gave it everything we had. A huge petition. Thousands of messages and phone calls to MPs and Lords. Hundreds of local events all across the UK. Money raised to hire in lawyers and run billboard and newspaper adverts.[4] No one can say that 38 Degrees members didn't try our best.

Now, in this moment of disappointment, we need to decide what we do next. Shall we carry on our work to protect the NHS? Do we want to keep working together to slow down the changes and reduce the damage to our health service? Or is it time to move on and focus on other issues?

If 38 Degrees members wanted to keep going, it’s likely we could come up with some good ideas for things we could do. Some doctors are even volunteering to stand for election as “Save the NHS” candidates![5]

Please take one moment to vote YES or NO – are you up for continuing to campaign to protect the NHS?

This is not the first time people power has had setbacks. Those of us who joined millions of others to march against the Iraq war may feel echoes today of another occasion when a different government decided to ignore public opinion. And sometimes it’s tempting to give up and disengage from politics altogether.

But 38 Degrees members have done so much to prove people power can work. To give just one example, this spring many of us will enjoy walking in the woodlands we stopped from being sold off.[6]

More than that, we’re part of a much bigger story of ordinary people standing up for what’s right, all through the ages. Votes for women, the minimum wage, the right to roam in our beautiful countryside. The creation of the NHS itself. Politicians often follow where people power leads.

There are now 1 million 38 Degrees members and we know we can be a force for good in this country. It’s not always easy, and there will be setbacks as well as moments of fantastic victory. But one thing’s for certain – if we keep working together things will turn out better than if we did nothing at all.

Please take 30 seconds to vote YES or NO on whether 38 Degrees should keep going with the campaign to protect the NHS:

Thank you for being part of it and everything you've done,

David, Marie, Hannah, Becky, Cian, James and the 38 Degrees team

PS: If most 38 Degrees members vote "yes", then we'll need to vote again soon, to choose options for future campaigning to protect the NHS. If most members vote "no", then the 38 Degrees office team will shift focus over to other issues voted for by 38 Degrees members. Have your say YES or NO here:

PPS: If you want to read more about everything we've done together and what this all means for our health service, read all about it on the 38 Degrees' website.



Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Save Our NHS - update from 38degrees

It’s happening today. More than 130 huge billboards are going up in London, with more to follow in high streets across the country. More than 20,000 38 Degrees members have chipped in over £300,000 to make this happen. Thank you so much.

 These billboards are going to be seen by millions of voters, and they're already creating a media stir. This morning London GP and 38 Degrees member, Deborah, has given interviews talking about the campaign on BBC London Radio and LBC 97.3, and there’s lots of press coverage too.

But we’re not stopping there. Lots of 38 Degrees members have been in touch with the office this week asking for a poster version of the billboard to put up in their window. They've pointed out a simple fact: the adverts will be seen by millions, but if we all put them up ourselves too we could reach even more people.

Can you help sound the alarm even louder and make sure your neighbours know about the threat to our health service?

Click here if you'd like a FREE poster or leaflets to help you take the campaign to your very own street:

We know that behind closed doors the government are making political calculations - is it better to change tack or to press on with the plans unchanged? The pressure is building - there’s a big march by NHS staff on Wednesday, and the Lib Dems will debate an emergency motion to scrap the plans at their conference this weekend. [2]

So this is the moment to ramp it up.

As our NHS billboards go up in London and around the country, local MPs and councillors will start to worry about what’s brewing in their areas. More and more of them will start asking David Cameron what he’s going to do to protect the NHS and reassure their voters.

So imagine how they'll react if posters start appearing in windows up and down the country, and 38 Degrees members start dropping leaflets through their neighbours’ doors.

Take this campaign to the streets where you live - get your free poster and leaflets today!

Together, we’re making sure everyone understands that NHS staff are hugely opposed to these changes. It’s been a long campaign and we’ve done a huge amount together so far - but the NHS is too precious for us to give in now. Let’s keep up the pressure.

Thanks for being involved


Friday, February 24, 2012

Twitter Photochallenge - RED

Today's #photochallenge for Twitter is "red" - interpret as you see fit.

The reason for this theme is because today is National Wear Red Day, in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  See the WIWT website for further details

I'll post the photos here as they come in on Twitter


Thursday, February 09, 2012

NHS Bill update from 38 Degrees

Is our NHS still in danger? Andrew Lansley's NHS plans are due to become law within three months. So we need to vote now to decide what we should do together to keep our NHS safe.

Our campaign has made real progress. We have just heard that under pressure from us, the House of Lords has watered down Lansley's plan to scrap his responsibility to provide a National Health Service. [1] That's a huge success and shows that our campaign can work.

But there's still plenty to worry about. Leading medical organisations like the Royal College of GPs and the Royal College of Nurses are now calling outright for Lansley's plans to be dropped. They warn that - even with the changes we've campaigned so hard for - the plans are "a mess" and the future of the NHS is still under threat. [2]

Can you fill in a quick online poll to help decide what we do next? Then we can spring back into action next week.

It's no surprise 38 Degrees members keep making protecting the NHS a priority. We all know that it's a national treasure. We can't afford to lose it. So in the past year half a million of us have got involved with this campaign - emailing and visiting MPs, signing petitions, donating money, buying ads and even hiring a team of expert lawyers to cut through Lansley's spin. [3]

What should we do now? Is it time to zoom in on the parts of Lansley's plan which would introduce more competition and privatisation to the NHS? Or should we step back from the details and join with the doctors and nurses demanding the entire plan is withdrawn? Or something else? [4]

It's up to you - please take 3 minutes to help plan our next steps:

38 Degrees members have proved time and again that people power works. When we launched our campaign against the government plans to sell off our national woodlands we were told we had no chance. But we kept at it. And after months of working together, we forced the government to stand up and admit they got it wrong. [5]

In the same way, people have been telling us for nearly a year now that Lansley's NHS plans are a done deal. We have never let that put us off! And already by working together we've helped rein in some of the worst parts. There's so much more we can do in the next three months – so let's decide our plans together.

Thanks for getting involved,

Johnny, David, Marie, Hannah, Cian, Becky and the 38 Degrees team

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twitter PhotoChallenge - Yellow

Today's #photochallenge for Twitter is "yellow" - interpret as you see fit.  The reason for this theme is because:

a) It's January
b) There's too much grey and sad on my timeline
c) I wish cheer and smiles for everyone

There's always something to be happy about, there truly is, just open your eyes.  In the words of The Rolling Stones: 

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime, you just might find
You get what you need

Okay, this song was apparently about Mick Jagger's experience in a drugstore and a man in the queue not being able to get a cherry coke; but the message is what's important :)

FACT: In 1992, Def Leppard released an acoustic cover of the song as a B-side to their single "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad". (This version has never been officially released in the United States.)  

That fact was for the benefit of @Biltawulf; Def Leppard's biggest fan.

THANK YOU to everyone who took part.  Who are the submissions: 





(apologies, he's got a new baby)



 @HarryMinge (secretly my favourite so far)

















and finally, @WH1SKS

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Halifax mortgage - SVR cap

Would you like a New Year windfall? You would? Well read on ...

I've had my mortgage with the Halifax for the past 6yrs and I recently received a long-winded letter from them about a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) cap that had been applied when it shouldn't have.

Subsequently, they've credited my mortgage with what they refer to as a "goodwill gesture". Now, for me, it was quite a substantial sum and I couldn't help thinking I'd have rather received this "gesture" direct into my current account - so I could make better use of it.

So I did some Googling, as you do, and found a Q and A (see Q6) on the Halifax website. It turns out that you CAN receive this as a cheque!

Here's how: simply call the freephone number at the top of the letter, quote your mortgage roll number and they'll send you a cheque within 14 working days. Sadly there isn't the technology available for them to do an electronic transfer directly into a nominated bank account.

Hhhmmmm ....

So, there you go. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!!!

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