Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Save Our NHS - update from 38degrees

It’s happening today. More than 130 huge billboards are going up in London, with more to follow in high streets across the country. More than 20,000 38 Degrees members have chipped in over £300,000 to make this happen. Thank you so much.

 These billboards are going to be seen by millions of voters, and they're already creating a media stir. This morning London GP and 38 Degrees member, Deborah, has given interviews talking about the campaign on BBC London Radio and LBC 97.3, and there’s lots of press coverage too.

But we’re not stopping there. Lots of 38 Degrees members have been in touch with the office this week asking for a poster version of the billboard to put up in their window. They've pointed out a simple fact: the adverts will be seen by millions, but if we all put them up ourselves too we could reach even more people.

Can you help sound the alarm even louder and make sure your neighbours know about the threat to our health service?

Click here if you'd like a FREE poster or leaflets to help you take the campaign to your very own street:

We know that behind closed doors the government are making political calculations - is it better to change tack or to press on with the plans unchanged? The pressure is building - there’s a big march by NHS staff on Wednesday, and the Lib Dems will debate an emergency motion to scrap the plans at their conference this weekend. [2]

So this is the moment to ramp it up.

As our NHS billboards go up in London and around the country, local MPs and councillors will start to worry about what’s brewing in their areas. More and more of them will start asking David Cameron what he’s going to do to protect the NHS and reassure their voters.

So imagine how they'll react if posters start appearing in windows up and down the country, and 38 Degrees members start dropping leaflets through their neighbours’ doors.

Take this campaign to the streets where you live - get your free poster and leaflets today!

Together, we’re making sure everyone understands that NHS staff are hugely opposed to these changes. It’s been a long campaign and we’ve done a huge amount together so far - but the NHS is too precious for us to give in now. Let’s keep up the pressure.

Thanks for being involved


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