Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trip Down Under

Plans are getting some semblance of shape ...

The first bit is easy: 17 April, hop on a plane and stay with my mum in Auckland for 10 days - no sweat!

Then, the tricky bit ... Auckland to Brisbane (arr. 0805) ... hopefully someone there to meet me (if their not comatose in a club somewhere!!). Then transfer (somehow) to the Gold Coast aka Surfers Paradise. It turns out that Vetti is there on a conference the weekend I arrive so the choice was a) amuse myself in Brissy or b) book a hotel for that weekend in Surfers and party on!!

Been checking out the Aussie equivalent of

I opted for the latter ... So, 29 April and 30 April (Sat & Sun) will spent having an awesome time dude! Then back to Brissy on the Monday (1 May - still with me??), then the train to Townsville on Tuesday 2 May ... couple of days with Jackie and Craig (and ickle baby still in mummy's tummy!!), then transfer to Sydney (somehow ... plane, Virgin Blue??).

In Sydney weekend of 6/7 May, possibility of my friend Tina 'popping up' from Canberra ... return leg begins on Monday 8 May - back to work on Thursday 11 May!!

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