Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mmmmm ...

Now, last posting was 10 June - almost a week ago. The whole point of this was to serve as some kind of 'aide-memoire' - not much help if I don't post, I guess??

Anyway, rapid round up ...

What have I learnt in the past week:
  • Some kids cry when they miss out on pizza
  • We'll do anything to please our friends - even wearing t-shirts we don't really like or know don't suit us (eh David ?!)
  • Estate Agents like sugar
  • All guys involved in surfing in anyway shape or form are cute (almost without exception!)
What I have done in the past week:
  • Booked Intermediate windsurfing course at WWWC
  • Did some reading
  • Put my beautiful house on the market
  • Made enquiries about alternative properties, closer to the City Centre
  • Got depressed about how much a mortgage for said property is going to cost me
  • Hurt my knuckle on the punchbag last night at boxercise
What I have not done in the past week:
Got offered a couple of free tickets to Goodwood 'Festival of Speed' next weekend - awesome!

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