Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tedium Update

Been really rubbish at keeping blog up to date lately ... so here is one of my 'infamous' round-ups!!

Friday 17 June
Went to London for the day, which was absolutely superb! Went on the London Eye (email for pix as I cannot seem to get 'Hello' to work ...). [Mebbe I'll get Big Bird to host for me????] UPDATE: No need - we now have a cool little icon on toolbar!!!!

Walked everywhere; London Victoria to Buckingham Palace then on to Covent Garden via the The Strand then quick stroll across Hungerford Bridge to the Eye. The 'flight' was awesome - the view was amazing, great company too (thanks Jamie!!) Had lunch on the Embankment, then walked on down to the Tate Modern, crossed over the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul's, back along river, cut through Covent Garden (after pausing to do some essential shopping!) to British Museum ... WOW!!!!! Didn't even make it into any of the exhibitions or galleries or library, was just blown away by the Great Court - beautiful architecture. Speechless ...

Then hopped on the #8 bus back to Victoria Station. Phew! back home in sunny Sussex about 7.30pm. What a cracking day.

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