Monday, October 03, 2011

National Poetry Day 2011

National Poetry Day 2011 will be held on Thursday 6 October. This year's theme is 'Games'. 

Let's all write a poem!  I'll post your contributions here.

From @weespekky
Not Cluedo or Ludo, but Nintendo. 

From @angryplumber
I'd love to have sex,
With Becks,
Whilst sniffing his,
Dirty keck

From @the_hux

Queenio cokeio who's got the ballio now no one plays outside?
Who's coming out and who's in goal you or me? 
Hide and seek the kids in streets, manhunt for the older boys.
Let's play tip or off the ground give the parks a childhood sound. British bulldog one, two, free.

From @judwa
The silver balls are glistening upon the coloured rods, settled, so content like little peas in pods.
Me - I anticipate my move, my heart a little sunk.
I slide the rod .... the balls drop down.
I'm rubbish at Kerrplunk!

From @nicky_t ... a haiku! 
I love playing games 
But don’t feel the need to win 
Taking part is enough

From @spallerina

I like scrabble
There are letters and stuff
It is very fun
I am a champion

From @DavieLegend

In pubs and bars around the world, and even on the bus,
There is a game that brings such joy, it is a nightly must.
It needs a man to start it off, but girls can join the fun
A simple choice, this or that, you must decide on one.

So gentlemen, pull down your zip, and stick your fingers in.
Have a rummage round down there and pull out a bit of skin.
Careful now, don’t be too brash, retain some mystery.
Don't expose your whole package, just enough for them to see.

Dick or Bollock, Dick or Bollock, it’s easy and it’s free.
Dick or Bollock, Dick or Bollock, which one will it be?
Dick or Bollock, Dick or Bollock, the atmosphere is tense.
Dick or Bollock, Dick or Bollock, let the games commence.

From @talktoteens
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 
But he'll do better in his GCSEs 
The dullard.

From @mightytonka

I like to play games; I like to win; 
I don't like to lose; 
I like to win; 
I never cheat, but; 
I like to win; 
If I lose I may sulk, cos; 
I like to win; 
Is there a prize for this?; 
I like to win

From @diaryofaledger

When I think of games
I don’t think of sport
I think of a PS3
And a USB port

Call of Duty
Or Pro Evo
On the sofa you’ll find me
Eating something to go

It might not be healthy
Or in anyway good for me
But nothing tops the feeling
Of beating AT

From @philthD

quit playing games with my heart
    it doesn't understand the rules
    and when you explain them
    you keep leaving out important aspects
    until you need them to win

quit playing games with my heart
    it's neither round enough
    nor robust enough
    to be a suitable ball substitute

quit playing games with my heart
    it isn't square enough to be a die
    nor small enough to be a counter
    nor flat enough to be the board

quit playing games with my heart
    or if not
    at least let it win occasionally

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DavieLegend said...

My favourite is by @Spallerina... Absolute genius.