Friday, October 07, 2011

A Date for Debsa

I haven't quite worked out what I'm doing with this idea yet, so I thought I'd publish this to make me think about it some more.

What I would like is some input from those that know me, or think they know me, to pen a couple of lines about "why you should date Debsa"

First and foremost, this is serious.  You may like to read this first.

I've been single for rapidly approaching 7 years (come February 2012) and I don't want to be single anymore.  I've tried the usual forms of internet dating and it's not for me.  Twitter is different.

Two provisos so far to qualify for a "Date with Debsa": 1) you must be male; and 2) you must be single.

Do not be afraid to approach me .... I've only every asked a guy out once before in my life.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

Divine Debs,

I've known you now for more than two years (I think - time flies, etc) and, having just had the distinct pleasure of spending an entire weekend in your company I can say, with 100% enthusiasm, that you are a TEN!

You're beautiful, funny, thoughtful, generous with your time and heart, considerate, sensible (sometimes), an awesome listener and troubleshooter, a GREAT cook, compassionate, intelligent, grounded, ENORMOUS fun and you have the filthiest laugh ever in the history of filthy laughs! (You've also got gorgeous eyes and a great BUM! ;o) x )

I want to be like you. There should BE more people like you. The world is poorer because there aren't but, thank god (small g), YOU're here! :D

Now, dear reader (specifically, eligible bachelors), you'd have to be off your sodding rocker to not want to spend time in the company of this delightful LADY and, if she agrees to go on a date with you, you are in for a T-R-E-A-T. You know all those times when you've said to yourself or your mates; "where are all the GOOD women?"? You've found one. Right here. DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!

And you'd better treat her like a PRINCESS because if you don't I will personally hunt you down and do damage to your privates. Messy, irreparable damage!

(that last bit probably didn't help, Debs. Sorry. Luvooo! x)