Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to grow cress

Under no circumstances read this if you're involved in #CressWars

Quite possibly one of the easiest things to grow and an ideal starter to get children involved. For a tasty alternative, mix garden cress seed and mustard seed together – the mustard seed is hotter and will give a bit of bite.

How to Plant
The best way to grow cress is by simply using a plastic tray (with no drainage holes) and adding a layer of tissue or kitchen paper - no need for compost at all. Moisten the tissue, but don’t get it too wet and sprinkle the seed generously on top.
By the next day (or even sooner) the cress will have started to germinate. Make sure the tissue is kept moist at all times and the cress will grow quickly. In about a week it should be 3cm (1½”) tall and ready for harvesting. Snip the stems when you want to eat it (it doesn’t keep well) and enjoy in sandwiches, salads or as a garnish.

If your cress goes mouldy when growing, simply throw it away, clean your tray and start again.

Guide lifted verbatim from www.gardeningdirect.co.uk

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