Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was working for Jobsite in Hampshire. A pretty regular day working in marketing for a successful online recruiter.

Early afternoon, our Internet access seemed to be really dragging. A few of the more web savvy members of staff did some surfing and the news started to filter through about the unbelievable horror unfolding in New York.

The only online newstream we could find was Naked News. We crowded around a few PCs, transfixed with what we were seeing.

A handful of us went out to the quad for a cigarette. There was only one topic of conversation. A German guy who worked with us "got it". He knew that the world, politically and economically, would be changed from that moment onwards.

He was almost applauding what the terrorists had managed to pull off and the worldwide impact it would have.

Then the fire alarm went off, we had to evacuate. We shared a site with Lockheed Martin (an American defence and security technology company), apparently they'd received a coded warning. How true this was, or perhaps just Chinese whispers, I don't know.

While outside I tried calling my dad, who worked for the MoD. He said he couldn't talk, they were on a Code Amber in the Dockyard.

Eventually we were allowed back into the building, but our bosses were aware of the gravity of the day and sent us all home.

Much like myself, I'm in no doubt that my colleagues just sat glued to the BBC NEWS coverage on a loop for the rest of the evening.

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