Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank funk it's Friday!

Now, either I've been:

a) too busy to Blog

b) couldn't be arsed

c) still recovering from weekend
d) nothing to say!!

If i'm honest it's a silky blend of the first 2 ... with perhaps a garnish of c) and d)?!!

Friday night ... v messy ... 3 "gorgeous" young ladies, copious amounts of wine (Pinot Grigio Blush) and the mischief ensued ...!! I just don't drink wine in those kind of quantities
... i'm far safer with a bottle of JD!! End result was a kebab - classy eh?? ;o) (pic shows Deb, Gem & Claire)

Saturday ... spot of lunch at Pizza Express then hung out at Bosham Sailing Club (ra, ra, ra Rupert!!) then a curry at India Gate (best in town; love to Michael and Deej!) - far more sedate but necessary!

Sunday ... have no idea what I did??? Oh yes, chores blah, blah then back down the local bar in the evening for the World Cup final - which was good. Overnight we'd all suddenly flip flopped into barmy Italian fans ... so fickle!

And then work again ... bugger! Felt knackered all week - for no apparent reason! I need some serious RnR by the beach!!

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