Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DAY SEVEN - Tuesday 25 April - ANZAC DAY

Decided to give the dawn parade a miss due to the horrendous weather - however, big respect to those who did make the effort. According to the national news, there seems to have been a greater interest in ANZAC Day this year than previously; particularly amongst the younger generation.

Went out to Greenhithe with mum to meet Pauline and Gareth, who emigrated over here about 40 years ago - but you can still hear the unmistakable Cardiff lilt in both their accents. They are big trampers so got treated to a huge photo album of their most recent escapades down on the south island ... which included fighting a bush fire and wading through waste high water!

Most of the shops are closed in the morning on ANZAC Day so the Malls were packed out by lunchtime, and the sun was pretty warm by this time too, although quite humid after all the rain. Did some gift shopping ... trying to buy as light as possible!! Not always so easy .....

Dinner last night was at a Vietnamese place; another one of these cook your own and bring your own booze type of places, which seem to be numerous around the city. We were the only Europeans there, everyone else (about 100 odd??) were all of Eastern descent; Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese etc ... I'm getting an odd impression of 'kiwi food' though, as I have only eaten out with chopsticks since I arrived, and believe me, they are tricky little buggers ... but improving with practice ;o) .... otherwise I'd starve!!

PS spoke to Vetti, who I am staying with in Oz for some of the time; plans all sorted for next weekend in Surfers Paradise!! Woo Hoo!! Weather about 25 degrees right now .... Very excited about partying and spending time with people my own age ;o) No disrespect mum!!

DAY SIX - Monday 24 April

Pretty uneventful day .... but I did manage a walk to the supermarket to cook up a nice dinner for mum and Paul. Just made it back from the shops in time before the 'monsoon season' kicked in around 3pm, which didn't let up until 9am the next morning!!

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