Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DAY EIGHT - Wednesday 26 April

Thoughts a little distracted today with activities going on at my place of work and the shake-up of our business Directorate (local government) - big staff event going on today ...

Well, Devonport trip was postponed; rain stopped play!! Torrential downpours then beautiful blue skies and v warm sun - so I was hot-footing between sunbathing and reading outside on the deck then dashing for cover inside ... I think mum's cats were a little bemused too!

In the afternoon, we snatched a window of opportunity to go down to Mairangi Bay (still on the North Shore, Auckland) - a nostaligic trip as that's where I spent a day on 'Surf Life Save Patrol' when I was a youngster!! I remember there was a great bbq on this gala day ;o)

Had a mooch around - bought postcards and souvenirs, had a spot of lunch, a 'gallon' of chicken and pumpkin soup which would've fed more than one ... v generous portion!

Quick stop off at Takapuna on the way home and a quiet night in with mum last night. Spoke to a woman called Megan from the pony club who I am going to meet up with on Thursday night as she knows everything I need to know about Sydney!

Haere Ra

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