Friday, November 04, 2005


Went to the final gig of their current tour last night at Concorde2 in Brighton ... and they effing rocked!!! Just like I hoped they would.

Played the entire album (I think?! pretty much) and there was also an interesting segue of The White Stripes riff from Seventh Army Nation in the middle, which caused me and Mark to do a double-take in a 'do my ears deceive me?' kinda way!!!

I was also really impressed with the acapella version of "Move On" they did, with a slightly heavy guitar to make it a little edgier; rocked!!!

Mustn't forget their support band either; super duper The Automatic (from Cardiff!). Who sang a great song about Raul; local sandwich shop man and something about a monster coming over the hill .... must say though that the wailing banshee backing vocals would irritate the hell out of me after a while!!!

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