Wednesday, October 26, 2005

House Update

Well, what joy!!!

Just need to find 40K (ie 25% deposit) to avoid the Halifax delving too deeply into my incoming funds! Shouldn't be a problem; I hear you can live for many, many years now on only one kidney.

The couple that I am buying off have 'kindly' offered to sell me their integrated washer/dryer that they absolutely were insisting on taking with them. They are offering it to me for £700 ... er, hello??!! Do they think I haven't heard of the internet, and the wonderful world of 'price compare'???? The latest model of their machine, which comes with a two-year warranty I may add, can be bought online from £688 brand spanking new!!!!

Slowly getting my way through the solicitor's paper mountain; fixtures and fittings, guarantees etc, etc ...

... and then there's packing to think about!! But also the sublime pleasure of IKEA to look forward to ;o)

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