Friday, October 28, 2005

Have I Got News For You???

Well, actually yes ... went and watched tonight's show of HIGNFY being filmed at London Studios on the South Bank.

Lucky enough to get two free tickets; a simple online lottery basically, complete a form and keep yer fingers crossed!!

Took me mate Martyn, always reliable and only works for Sony in Weybridge so easy enough for him to get to Waterloo too on a 'school night'.

Doors were due to open at 7pm but they recommended being there AT LEAST 45 mins before as tickets are over-allocated to ensure a full-house. We got there about 5.45pm to be faced with two queues; one long, one short ... guess which was hours?? Yeah, the long one!! The other was for 'Parkinson'.

Got great seats, no obscured view etc .. perhaps only about 500 in the audience so felt very intimate and close to the comic, ascerbic action!

Warm up was by a female comedian/ienne called Jo Caulfield - very entertaining (once we all warmed up, the aircon was cool!!)

Just before 8pm the main business of the evening began; in the hot seat this week was Chris Langham (you know the face ...) and special guests were Ross Noble (v funny, mad hair) and Alan Duncan MP (v odd, as Tories are wont to be!).

Recording went on until just after 9.30pm, with only a couple of re-takes at the end; how they cut it down to 30 mins is anyone's guess!!! Will definitely watch tonight anyway ....

I guess they'll cut out me streaking across the front, oh well .....

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Big Bird said...

Can Martyn can discount on Sony products?