Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, yes, I did manage to something OTHER THAN windsurf ...

  • Dinner with "The Gays" on Saturday night; roast pork (ahem!), which Jay accompanied with a dollop of Heinz ketchup ... he's soooooo Taiwanese!
  • Gym am on Sunday - damn my arms and legs were aching, from windsurfing you know ;o)
  • Fine Food Fair at Weald and Download Open Air Museum pm on Sunday - never have I eaten so many teeny weeny bits of cheese and various jams, chutneys etc on oatcakes
  • Watched Hotel Rwanda on Sunday evening - superb movie
  • Watched Chichester Hospitals lose out (by one goal to nil) to Loxwood FC on Monday afternoon's cup game - glum faces all round in the Leggat household

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