Thursday, May 05, 2005

"The Apprentice" - decided ...

Saira was dire last night. To not even bother dressing or staging the venue (with the exception of the Harley D) was so narrow-minded. There was no atmosphere on her boat whatsoever. And choosing Paul was just to prove a point and rub his nose in it further; he was never going to embrace the task like "Nice James" did and really work for her. Raj did nothing, as usual.

Yep, I reckon her and Raj could set up a branch of Phones4U just about anywhere :o)

The programme afterwards with Adrian Chiles was also very interesting. Alan Sugar clearly does NOT like Paul one iota - he has become a caricature of his own worst, chauvinistic traits.

Interesting the two that were left really, reveals some narcissistic tendencies on AS's part as Saira clearly reminded him of how he could be/was in business. Tim, the young pup, was undoubtedly the best apprentice all round, he'll do well. Saira? well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

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