Monday, April 25, 2005

What Next?

Went over to the gays (David and Jay) yesterday afternoon and had a good long chat with David about what I should do next with my life - it was mainly property advice really (he has a lot of experience in that area).

Once I've sold my house and got the maximum equity for it, he thinks I should buy a small "apartment" (aka flat - he likes to pretend he's American ...) in Chichester, rent it out and go and work for the Foreign Office (sounds easy doesn't it?!).

As I will then get posted all over the world, they cover all my living expenses, and your salary is tax-free whilst overseas - apparently his friend Andrea does it and she is nowhere near as smart as me! I think I'll paste this testimonial into my covering letter ;o)

I feel at a real crossroads at the moment, teetering on the brink of doing something very risky but could ultimately be very rewarding and life-altering ... I am a big believer in Fate, i'll wait and see what hand I am dealt.

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