Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tissues all round for the Gooners!

Okay, a little late to get around to finally posting something about the 'big match' - better late than never I always say!

Understandably Wenger is not happy, whilst Fergie is cock-a-hoop with the result.

Soup thrown in the tunnel after the game (they suspect it was Campbell's *groan*), Riley the Ref accused of favouritism after awarding 7 penalties in the last 7 games he has reffed at the Theatre of Dreams, misconduct, fouls, unfair play ...... Sounds like your typical ManU/Arsenal game to me - and with some of the most well-known names in the game, what did you expect??

But at least Rooney got his birthday present, despite being odds-on favourite to get sent off.

The rumour mill goes on; suddenly bookies and fans alike are suggesting a major comeback by the Devils, I'm not so sure, Arsenal are still consistently the fair better team in the Premiership at the moment - I think it is Chelsea that are the ones to watch for my money.

ManU are still 8 points adrift of the top of the table, with the obstacles of Everton, Bolton and Chelsea to contend with .... sorry Dad, but I think it will be tears before bedtime against Pompey at the weekend.

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