Friday, October 22, 2004

Gooners or Devils?

Who will prevail in what is undoubtedly the biggest clash of the Premiership so far ..... ?? Personally, I reckon it has a draw written all over it - no matter who takes the lead first you can be assured that it won't be for long. Lawro's Prediction. You just know that it is going to be a cracking game nonetheless.

ManU seem to have a plethora of forwards right now - Rooney, Ruud, Smith, Saha - but not many goals going in, hopefully this will change (starting on Sunday afternoon??).

Let's hope that a) Viera is still doubtful (bugger!), this will minimise the chances of a face-off between him and Keane within the first 5 minutes, and b) that Bergkamp doesn't make it on the pitch either as I reckon he is the key to their domestic success; the original 'playmaker' that's why their European form is shaky,Dennis doesn't like to travel, bit like BA Baracas!

Big Match facts about these two 'Premiership Titans'

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