Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OU Social Evening round at Chez Wild's

Of course, as you would expect from six intellectual females the quality of the conversation was particularly highbrow ...... blah, blah, blah!

Topics of conversation included;

  • 'Ooh, where did you get this antipasti from - it's simply delicious?'. Correct answer = M&S
  • Buying property in France - Perpignan and the South in general is highly recommended
  • How did you find the last TMA? I really enjoyed reading Pygmalion .... Wide Sargasso Sea was hard-going ...... the essay? mmmmm we'll see what kind of mood our Tutor is in when she marks it!
  • Next course options .......

One more 'regular' TMA to go - 'The 1960's .....', then the final TMA, under exam conditions - and it is all over!

However, the way in which the OU works is to get you hooked on the stress of study and before you know it you have forgotten all the agony and sweat you went through and you are doing it all over again! Much like pregnancy and childbirth - I am reliably informed!

I must say, I have been really impressed with the OU; well organised, well supported, good quality of resource books and materials. Our tutor, Maggie, has been fantastic too - and if she manages to get us all together for a day out at Goodwood House, she will earn herself even more praise!

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