Monday, August 16, 2004

Football Round-up

Brighton 1-1 Coventry

Phew! Thank god for Virgo's unusual free kick style (in fact, identical to van Damme's of Southampton!). The Seagull's played a good game first half, faltered a little in the second half - not really breaking Coventry's defence down at all. Nathan Jones (aka Jonah) certainly made a difference to the pace down the left-hand side and linked up well with new 'boy' Darren Currie. We'll see if the return of a couple of 1st team players - Leon Knight, Dan Harding and Ben Roberts - make a difference against Wigan on 21-August.

Chelsea 1-0 Manchester Utd

Well, as predicted last week - a goal from Gudjohnsen! Mystic Deb - what a legend! I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's game, ManU deserved a goal but just couldn't deliver despite their battling.

Really good to seem them so committed I think they are hungry for the Premiership this season and with a number of key players out at present - Ruud van Nistelrooy, Louis Saha and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - it makes the remaining players all the more determined, particularly some of the youngsters like Miller, Richardson and Bellion. For me, Fortune really impressed - worrying the Chelsea midfield and defence down the left a la Ashley Cole!

Fantasy Football League

Whilst waiting for the registration to open on the Beeb FFL tomorrow in order that I can resurrect our annual inter-friends competition on our very own 'BuddhistLega', I have been doing our work's FFL (cheers Rik Dunnaway!). Rubbed my hands with glee at the prospect of my weekend points tally from Reyes, Cisse and Okocha! Head my hands to note that Niemi had let in two goals! Oh well, that's football for you - what a rollercoaster and it's still only August!

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