Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twitter Picnic - details

Chichester #TwitterPicnic

  • Where? Chichester

  • What? It's a picnic in Priory Park

  • When? Saturday 16 July

  • Time? Anytime from 1pm onwards

Hello to all of you who have said yes, maybe or no and an even bigger hello to those of you who haven't responded yet:

If that's you, click here --->

If you're unsure about coming or not, then let me try and answer some of your questions:

But Chichester is miles away! Well, yes it is - for some. Although, @jezzebella is coming from Edinburgh and @TeenyBella is coming from Newcastle and @morgyface *might* be coming from Cornwall. It's do-able if you a) have the time and b) have spare cash for a B&B

But I don't know anyone that is going. That is kind of the point, in some respects, to meet some lovely people who also like to tweet. I've organised this, and even I don't know everyone who's said they'll come along! I will be providing badges of some description so you can make a note of who to follow back and who to block ;-)

You've got more followers than me, is this an "elite" Twitter event only? Absolutely NOT! Anyone is welcome to come along, you can even bring along a non-twitter type to hold your hand. We'll brainwash them before sunset.

I can't get there for 1pm. The day is loosely scheduled to start at 1pm, but it'll be going for many, many hours. People will be coming and going throughout the day, and even the evening; for those that have cruel bosses who make them work weekends.

Can children come? Yes, as long as they behave themselves ;-) But please do be aware that there will be adults present who may swear, smoke fags and drink booze.

Do I need to bring anything? No doubt I'll manage to rustle up a couple of blankets, but please feel free to bring a blanket, chair, blow-up bed or whatever you think would make a day in the park more bearable. NB we will be heading to pubs later in the evening, for anyone who is still standing/not too sunburned. Yes, there's a point ...

  • Bring sunscreen

  • Bring liquid refreshments

  • Bring food (although fish n chips can be delivered, if you want - see below)

  • Bring a smile

  • Feel free to bring an instrument, you could be part of the next @tw1tterband release

The absolutely wonderful La Fish have offered to deliver a fish n chip lunch/supper for only £5, I will need numbers the day before though, so please let me know if you're interested. Follow them on twitter too:

How far is Priory Park from Chichester train station? I'm famous for claiming that everything in Chichester is no more than 10 minutes away; the station is 15 minutes. I'll rustle up a groovy map that even directs you past a Tesco Express and M&S, so you can pick up supplies en route.

Where can I stay overnight? Sadly, my flat is now full, but if you're really handsome, I'm sure I could fit you in (as it were). Joking! (or was I?)

Accommodation suggestions:

Google link to "accommodation in Chichester"

What else do you need to know? Just ask!

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