Sunday, December 19, 2010

Count Your Blessings

I spoke to a friend this morning who's currently in a brain injury unit, as a result of a serious cycling accident.

He's been there for a few months now, a daily routine of: breakfast, tests, keeping in touch with people via iPad and iPhone, lunch, tests, possibly a walk to the on-site Starbucks, dinner, then "lock-down" until the morning.

There may then be some sleep before the routine starts again. The trouble is, a disturbed/damaged brain doesn't like routine and sleeping during the night isn't always high on it's list of "things to do".

My friend takes all of this in his stride. His brain was brilliant, it still is in many ways, it'll be brilliant again. He could still whip your ass in a pub quiz!

Anyway, following some recent encouraging tests, he got some good news today - he's allowed "home" for Christmas! Yay! I say "home", as he's overseas - very overseas. He's not allowed to fly or drive anywhere. So here are his options:

1) Book into a 5* hotel and spoil himself rotten for a few days
2) Go and stay at his old house with his housemate/friends
3) Stay in hospital

Surprisingly, options 1 and 3 are frontrunners. Number 2 is likely to be given the elbow as a recent 'trial' was a bit hectic and stressful; not good for a recuperating brain. Number 2 is tempting. However, number 3, stay in hospital, is a real draw. He's become friends with a chap in the ward who's also from Blighty (except he doesn't have any friends around); there'll be good food; your own space; gadgets; no stress and NO TESTS!

As an aside, I'm having the most skint year I've ever had and I'm going to be without an "other half" for the 5th consecutive year. Yeah, woe is me - it's hardly a life-changing brain injury Debbie! However, I've had a surprise invite to go to a friend's parents place for Christmas, which I'm really looking forward to. It'll be a lot of fun I'm sure.

The point I'm making is an obvious one, the title gives it away, all we need is a bit of grub and some company you enjoy. (And possibly a gadget; to tweet with).

So count your blessings. The love of friends, family and partners isn't measured in £ signs, it's measured in hugs and kisses - do more of that.

PS I still want a puppy (to hug and kiss).

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