Friday, August 06, 2010

Twitter tradition: Follow Friday

For those of you that are not Twitter au fait, Follow Friday is a major tradition. It's a way of recommending peeps to follow in a formal way.

Some people will list and list and list just about all their followers, I admire their dedication, but I don't have the stamina (or the time).

Two of the other approaches are the witty, selective type; lovely descriptions of why you should follow X or the off-the-wall, surreal descriptions - I love both.

There's also been some wonderfully creative Follow Friday's in the past, especially from @mixmasterfestus, @themanwhofell and @diaryofaledger to name a few.

I'm not going to explain why, to the uninitiated, but use the #ff hashtag for ease of reference.

PS There's always pitfalls to Follow Friday, you inevitably forget people! I'm sure it's not intentional (in most cases).

Now switch back my twitter page for my top picks

Be safe out there x

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