Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup ... apparently!

Well, of course it bloody is - and do you know what, I can't flippin' wait. I'm a footie fan and seriously hope England deliver what they're more than capable of. It would certainly be the most incredible sending off and departure for Sven that's for sure.

  1. Becks will look gorgeous
  2. Some of the team will get maimed by jealous, under-achieving rivals ;o)
  3. Rooney will get a roar the moment he steps out for his first game; who knows whether this will be in the Group or Knockout stage?!

England v Paraguay
  • Location: Slut n Legless, Chichester
  • Time: oooh, about midday I reckon to get a good spot on the sofa
  • Prediction: 3-1 to England (i suspect those buggers might slip one past us - more luck than skill!)
  • Drinking: might sip a couple of Buds

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