Friday, April 21, 2006

DAY TWO - Thursday 20 April

Woke up at a pretty reasonable hour - 8am, but my ears are all a bit fuzzy and swimmy ...

Mum had to work today so had to entertain myself in the beautiful 22 degrees weather here - what a bummer eh?? ;o)

Finally got my ass into gear about midday after to chatting to friends online for an hour or so. Thoughtful friend Jackie in Townsville cheered me up no end telling me about the 2 weeks of rain and cyclones they've been experiencing!!! Don't worry, they've got a bit of time yet to clear before i arrive ... can't go home without a tan.

Decided to see if I could get myself lost walking into the centre of Takapuna, to the shopping emporium of Shore City - those that know my usual poor sense of direction will be impressed to hear that I DIDN'T get lost, but I did almost get run over talking to this old fella at the lights as we both (wrongly!) thought the signal had gone for us to cross ... very nearly a shortened trip.

Had a mooch around, nothing exciting to report in the way of shops - just a bit odd seeing all the winter stuff in store, as we're obviously preparing for a scorching summer back home in England!!!

Had sushi for lunch, WITH chopsticks - I will be an expert at using these by the time I leave (I hope!). Then sat in the park for a time while chatting on the phone to a friend in Taiwan - don't want to think about the bill, then managed to navigate my way to the shore where I chilled out on the bay for about an hour gazing at the mesmerising symmetrial island of Rangitoto ... aka my mum's island!

Suddenly noticed the time and headed back - it was only just after 4, but it turned out my mum had finished early and hadn't been able to connect to my mobile (but we've cracked that now), grabbed some dinner and had a quiet night in. Watched flippin' Coronation Street (which she loves!!) so I thought I could help her out by filling her in on the forthcoming storylines; who dies, who's dating who, who dumps who ... etc. I think she appreciated the info ;o)

Narcolepsy kicked in again, so called it a night about 10-ishl, after listening to my mother having numerous conversations with a doddery old man (friend of a friend) who is trying to help us out getting a balloon ride booked up - he kept giving us the wrong number, so my mum ended up speaking to random people, asking if they were called Tony Dixon, then having to apologise for disturbing them!!! Bless 'im!

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