Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Holiday ... it would be so nice!

Something new to look forward to, hoorah!! ... my forthcoming trip to Oz and NZ. Never been to Australia before so that is gonna be interesting. The original plan was for a friend's wedding on April 1st - that is all off now, so will probably be there late April. Cannot wait to get some sun on my shoulders!!

Trouble is, I want to go to Sydney for a couple of days, Brisbane (to see Chris and Vetti) and Townsville (to see Jackie and Craig - that's if they don't move again!!) - unfortunately, Oz is such a bloody big country none of these appear to be within spitting distance of each other; the logistics are gonna be tricky ... anyway, I like a challenge ;o)

Quotes so far from:
  • TravelNation. Via BA/Qantas ... London-Auckland-Sydney surface Brisbane-LA-London £590 plus taxes etc of approx £300
  • FlightCentre ... waiting to hear!

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