Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Celebrity" Big Brother

Hardly fair calling them celebs; they might develop big egos, become demanding divas and get ideas above their station ... ooops, too late!!!

Quick round up on my thoughts so far ... by the way, I've given up kicking myself for enjoying this pulpy trash!! I just like it, alright?!
  • Chantelle - the only non-celeb in there. Planted to convince the others that she was famous. Easy job really, considering 90% of the other housemates really, really want to be loved and/or famous again so hob-nobbing with as many celebrities (real or otherwise) is going to appeal to them! I tip her to win, sweet girl - harmless bit of eye candy
  • Preston - cute, cute, and v sexy, I like The Ordinary Boys anyway so was always gonna side with him ;o) Could win also ...
  • Michael - emotional wreck; what he needs is counselling not CBB
  • Rula - looks like she does a good massage. The mother hen, but also good at bitching (when encouraged by George)
  • Traci and Dennis - emmmmm not really any personality to talk about. So no comment. Suffice to say that someone needs to slip some bromide in Dennis' tea ...
  • Pete - terrifying to look at, brutally honest, knows he's screwy - but deep down I think his harsh, anti everthing is a bit of a defence mechanism
  • Maggot - says very little, but seems like a lovely chap; great at washing up. GLC
  • George - evil, manipulative, charismatic. A cross between Khan (the snake from Jungle Book) and Hitler. He unnerves me and will connive all he can to win I suspect
Won't bother mentioning Faria and Jodie, as they are both evicted now!

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