Monday, December 19, 2005

How To ...

New feature for Deb's diminishing blog, now that I don't have any dull house moving stories to share ....

This week on 'How To' 'what is the correct protocol for dealing with receiving a REAL christmas card; should it be treated any differently to a VIRTUAL card?'

Content thanks to ubergeek, Tarquin Jemstone, and a recent IM conversation:

Apparently the procedure is to 'open' it and then 'read' it ... unit test procedure is to create a test harness that enables you to sense whether a) card is addressed to you b) you know the individual who wrote it c) you have reciprocated with a card

On receipt of an iCard (only the best!!), simply click on link to return the electronic 'favour'

Now that was easy wasn't it?! No more embarrassing faux pas's in dealing with seasonal communications!!

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