Friday, October 28, 2005

Sarcasm ... mmmmm lovely darling!!

Perhaps one of my most favourite-est pastimes; being sarcastic. Of course, I don't believe it is the lowest form of wit, as I liken my 'witty interjections' to the intelligent outpourings of maybe Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker ;o) (cue cheeky winking emoticon ...)

What prompted this entry was a piece on the Beeb today (don't you just love 'er?!). Read at your leisure, very entertaining (what did you expect?) and even some handy tips on being sarcastic.

The entry on wikipedia (how did I live without it??) also describes the origins of sarcasm; very poetic.

"The word comes from the late Latin word, sarcasmus, which, in turn, comes from the Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein - to bite the lips in rage,- from sarx, sark-, flesh - the root word literally means "to cut a piece of flesh (from the targeted person)."

Lesson over for today ... have a good weekend!

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