Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Buying and Selling Houses; an absolute breeze!!!

Well, the deal is finally done; I will be shackled to a big mortgage till the day I die ;o) But, hey, I'll look cool in my new "apartment" whilst not being able to afford anything else in my little life!!!

After a couple of fibs to the hopeful buyers of my house, they finally agreed to the deal I left them with last Friday. I think they are getting an absolute bargain for my place (of course I would say that!!), but at the end of the day you gotta move on and stick your neck out. I wanted their place they wanted mine; we could've quibbled till the end of time over a grand here and a grand there - "just get on with it and stop messing about", is my final thought on it all!!

Solicitors have kindly agreed to charge heaps for their services in the whole buying/selling chain, bless 'em ... mainly for doing lots of 'searching'. I do that all bloody day on Google for chrissakes ;o)

Anyways ... pushing for a six-week turnaround, definitely this side of Christmas for sure. Fingers crossed and all that ... Anyone got a van?? and lots of cardboard boxes??

IKEA here I come - i've got a list as long as me arm!!!

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