Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brighton Weekend

Awesome stuff!! Big group of about 14 of us went out celebrating Julie and Khuram's birthdays; 33 and 23 respectively. I'm sure they don't mind me telling a couple of you, as long as you keep it to yourselves ;o)

Met for drinks in town first (Seqqara??) then headed on down to Union (formerly The Zap Club). Nicely dark and dingy; with a different mood in each of the three "rooms". We partied hard until 3am (kicking out time!), then decided to chill-out at Costa's place until silly o'clock in the morning ...

Sunday was GLORIOUS in Brighton - I love warm, early Autumn days; particularly down by the sea. Most invigorating ;o) Anyway Michal and I decided that it would be much less taxing to sit in a coffee shop for two hours and order only a hot choc each! Not sure how impressed the waitress was ...

Headed back to Chris & Vetti's to bother them some more for a few hours until time to hop back on ye olde train to Chichester ... and some well-earned sleep!!

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