Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Grumble of the day .....

Office Moves

Good lord, what a right kerfuffle!!! Things to remember ....
  • People don't like moving; despite enormous benefits like being nearer to M&S food hall!
  • People get attached to their chairs
  • Things will never run smoothly
  • Superintendents will scratch their heads at the floor plans you have had drawn up. They will suck in through their teeth, whilst saying ' .... mmmmm not sure about this, so they say you can get a block of four wave desks here??' [they did fit BTW!]
  • People will always telephone you with problems never solutions
  • People will always claim to have 'just seen the floor plans' and want to change seats with so and so
  • Some people just insist on keeping their extension number to be difficult (it would seem!!)
One congratulatory point: NetComms have actually been fantastic this time around and gone to the right location at the right time. Bingo!!

'Office Moves' are a great excuse to wear jeans for the day and general look very casual ;o)

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