Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Unnecessary Headlines

I found Saturday's headline from 'The Sun' (need I say more ...??) pretty darn offensive. Following the arrests of the four men suspected of the failed 20 July bombings their frontpage read 'Got The Bastards'.

Now, yes, these men are pretty vile in what they have been driven to do/attempted to do to innocents in this country, however, I really don't think that this kind of language is at all necessary or helpful in trying to retain some kind of stability in terms of the diversity of cultures and races prevalent in this country.

The root cause is what needs to be sought out, these young men are (likely to be) pawns in bigger games being played by bigger fish. These are 'the bastards', the ones who we should be targetting - and this is what the massive undercover operation of our security services is focussing on; and doing a fantastic job at it as far as I can see. And all without any pomp, fuss or 'jeez, aren't we great, we made some picture cards of all the baddies we are after' (!!). We just get the job done. I am sick of hearing how much the investigation and additional policing is costing per day; isn't it worth it??

The picture is far bigger than the Iraq/Gulf Wars, it runs much deeper and much further back than that, the Israel/Palestinian conflict is a major source of this whole East/West unrest - the origins of the now infamous Suicide Bombers.

They are lauded and considered heroes. Open their eyes and educate; don't fuel this narrow-mindedness by disallowing the teachings of Western culture.

Look beyond the blinkers; if we were all just a little more humane ....

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