Thursday, August 11, 2005


Cleverly crafted characters, prejudices neatly cast aside; and not in a contrived or moralistic (sp?) kind of way.

For example, Sayid who fought in the Gulf War, not in the Allied forces but as a Republican Guard - but knows his stuff when it comes to tranceivers. Then there is the bolshy guy, Sawyer, who had the gun from the US Marshall accompanying the prisoner - but he's not the prisoner, sweet little Kate is ... and so it goes on.

With one exception, the cheeky, cockney, faded rock star with a drug problem of some description (we're assuming!!) is called Charlie! Cast without even a hint of irony i'm sure?!

Like the way they have opened up a couple of questions about a dozen or so characters to get you hooked in.

A couple of friends have downloaded this series already and have been bigging it up for weeks and weeks. So I was really looking forward to it and it didn't disappoint, I thoroughly enjoyed it - bring on the next episode.

And what is the weird, howling beast out there????

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