Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend Plans

  • Pork schnitzel was a triumph, according to my lovely guests!!
  • Didn't watch as much of Live8 as I thought I might, highlight for me (of what little I saw!) was Richard Ashcroft/Coldplay collaboration - always been a big fan of RA, and Bitter Sweet Symphony is an amazing composition.
  • Party/BBQ was cool - I was officially chief Pimms maker! Ended up at a nightclub dancing until the wee small hours, so not nearly enough sleep!

Yesterday went to Brighton (and Hove actually!) for the day to look at an apartment that my friend David is thinking of buying, had a really good lunch in Donatello's (always reliable), sat up on their little roof terrace, then walked back along Brighton/Hove seafront, which was great - it was a very warm and pleasant evening. Great to see so much activity still going on all the way along the front.

Dilemma now for David to decide between this apartment and one in Gun Wharf, Portsmouth. My leaning would be to go for the Hove one, as they go up to London quite regularly and Brighton Station is so better serviced for this.

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