Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

I was on my way to London this morning for a meeting later in the day round the corner from Victoria Station, when I got a call from a friend I was meeting at lunchtime to tell me what had happened - at that point only the bus blast and number of other packages.
He works at Lincoln's Inn Fields and said he could just see police helicopters flying around outside their windows. He suggested I just turn around and not to even try coming into the City.

Then my mobile started lighting up with worried family members and colleagues, with pretty much the same story and advice. I then rang around a couple of my friends who work in London too; fortunately they were working elsewhere today. I explained the situation (as I had heard it) to a couple of other passengers on the train who were also travelling up.

Fortunately managed to change trains and return to Chichester before they shut Brighton station down.

UPDATE: Spoke to friends later, all quite subdued as you can imagine - they were also desperately trying to get confirmation that their friends were all okay too.

My friend David has a Taiwanese student missing; she's not been heard of since Thursday morning. All they know is that her mobile was used within half a mile radius of Tavistock Square. Being realistic, it's not looking too hopeful, I guess they will have it confirmed one way or the other soon.

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