Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Jools @ Kew Gardens

Absolutely bloody superb! Haven't had such a great evening in ages; spent hours just smiling and dancing. Perfick!

Went with The Gays, and Jay loved it, despite ordinarily being more at home dancing to high-energy disco! I feel like I have educated him, by showing how 'us English' do a bit of culture ;o)

The evening could not have been created more perfect for the occasion; with the stage set in front of the beautiful temperate house at Kew, which was lit up in red and green once the sun finally set. Simply sublime. And the closing fireworks were a fitting finale to the evening - nothing like five minutes of ooohhing and aaahhing!

The lawn was packed with revellers with the detritus of their picnics (boost to M&S profits!) surrounding them - it was like a giant garden party, with a 'popular wee band' playing over to one side. Wonderful atmosphere, very informal and relaxed.

The relaxed feel was further enhanced by the healing hands of Sheli of Urban Chill who specialise in a 5-minute head, back and shoulder massage. I treated all three of us ... and it certainly hit the spot.

I also thought it was great to see so many youngsters -and I mean toddlers and kids - there. Get them infected with the culture bug early on; social development is as valuable as any day in the classroom!

[Disregard Baz's comments below; his wife is a deputy head so is always going to have a slightly different view on this ...]

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