Monday, May 09, 2005

Windswept and Interesting

Busy old day yesterday ... went into Brighton first thing on my continued, elusive, new black suit hunt. You wouldn't believe the problems I have had - and still without success!!

Met up with Chris and Vetti and a super roast in The Pond, their local basically. Tasty, homely food ... yum, yum.

Then we went over to Worthing to help out with a charity fun run
in aid of St. Barnabas Hospice (who Vetti works for). Five hours on a very windy seafront, which climaxed in hail stones and rain about 6.30pm - the word "bracing" was invented for these occasions.

Have come to realise that Chris and I are nutter magnets; sat on the sea wall, minding our own business, and we just kept getting approached by every living nutter in Worthing desperate to tell us 'their story'. Man with dog, man who'd just done a 15 mile 'yomp' the night before up Devil's Dyke (hoping to make TA selection next week!), race stewards whose USP (Unique Selling Point) is talking about their latest walkie-talkies .... etc, etc Fantastic - all human life is here, haven't had so much fun in ages :o)

Approximately 700 competitors - all abilities, all ages, all breeds (there were dogs too) - participated in this run, which didn't kick off until 5pm. Support this local charity, wherever and whenever you can; the work they do is amazing (as with most Hospices) and for every £1 they received only 5p from the Government. They rely entirely on donations. When people finally have to come and stay at the Hospice (the average stay is 13 days) they are not asked for a single cent towards their costs.

Very humbling to speak to some of the staff and volunteers yesterday (and there are 100's of them). Keep up the good work x

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