Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Could We Find a Single Gig We'd All Enjoy???

  • Rob likes Supergrass and Coldplay (we'll ignore the fact that he recently went to a Rooster gig ... ahem!)
  • Stew only likes 'cool' stuff like The Magic Numbers, The Pipettes - I think he still likes Polyphonic Spree ... ??? (I know he'll correct me if I'm wrong here ...)
  • I like a very wide range of stuff - cool and uncool - this week I have mainly been listening to The Green Album (I could listen to the intro to 'Island in the Sun' on a permanent loop!) and The Optimist Ep ... next week it might be, well, who knows??
  • Jamie likes majorly cool stuff (see, I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to music genres!!!), guitars seem to be a key feature though ... Stephen Malkmus, Sleater Kinney ... and of course his beloved Weezer
  • For Marky, British Sea Power - new single 'Please Stand Up' is awesome! and Interpol are also a current fave

    Forthcoming gigs:

    Do Me Bad Things - 7 June, Concorde2
    Jools Holland - 12 July, Kew Gardens (
    Summer Swing at Kew)
    Buena Vista Social Club - 15 July, Kew Gardens (Summer Swing at Kew)

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