Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well, never one to sit around idle supping G&Ts ..... yeah, right! This week has been pretty jam-packed with my new fitness campaign really getting off the ground:
  • Tuesday lunchtime - the serenity and beauty of Pilates (so why are my abs screaming for forgiveness?)
  • Tuesday evening - first taste of Boxercise (I now understand what it means to 'feel the burn'). Good sweaty workout, ready to drop after the 'warm up' but loved the circuits!
  • Alternate Wednesday evenings - the much lauded Chichester Corporate Challenge, a series of three 2.75 mile runs around the city centre. Claim to fame ..... I was the opposite of first in last night's race. Inner thighs are paying the price for my excess this week. On a positive note, my aim was 40 mins but I managed it in 35 mins! Whoo Hoo!! Two weeks of hard training now before the next one ...... *groan*
  • Thursday evening - Gym induction at Westgate, so that I can get on those treadmills. Hoorah!

I reckon I will have earnt my G&T tonight .... Plan for the rest of the weekend:

  • Friday night investment club meeting in Worthing - I am a new member so fearing some kind of medieval initiation ceremony
  • Saturday, first tutorial of my Latin course in Brighton. I think some cramming of the chapters that I should've read will be in order on the train journey!!

Until next time:

'ad astra per aspera' or perhaps more appropriate to my current fitness regime; 'abeunt studia in mores' ........... as always, watch this space. But don't visit too often in case I get distracted (happens often) and my updates are few and far between :o)

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