Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What a weekend!

Friday: Haircut at the awesome Hoppers in Chi; delayed by 50 minutes due to Si poncing around (only joking mate!) with a geezer trying to flog him plasma screens. Apology of numerous glasses of red wine graciously accepted.

So that put paid to Lily and I's plans to go to IKEA in Croydon .... bit knackered by the time my 'do' was done.

6:45pm go to the car park .... no car! I said NO CAR!!!! Lily's great white beast (G-reg Vauxhall Astra). Calls to local police ensued then mayday call to my other half to come and rescue us damsels in distress ....

Daz had already planned a night out (without girls!) with his mate Tim at our local The Wilkes Head ... Lily and I decided to tag along and spoil the party. Lots of good food and drink was had, resulting in leaving there in the wee small hours after being subjected to grooving on down to Stevie Wonder in honour of the landlady's, Trish, recent birthday.

As Lily had a full day's shopping in Guildford planned for Saturday we thought it best to stay up just a little longer until 3am to make sure that we were really tired.

Saturday: 7:45am Debbie delivers much needed glasses of water to the bleary-eyed household .... as Lily had sensibly only had a couple of pints and a vodka she didn't know about, she looked the sharpest. Eventually got on a train to Guildford (remember, NO CAR) about 10:50am.

Saturday: 12:30pm frantic call from Daz; he'd shut himself out of the house and did I know who had a spare key. The choices were .... 1) Mum in New Zealand (no idea why she has one!), 2) Dad in Alton, 3) Mum in Essex .... the options were not looking good, then I remembered that Tim had a spare! Fortunately he wasn't back home - sleeping off the drink - in Pulborough; he was in Sainsbury's in Chi and the spare was in the van. Hurrah!!!

Saturday afternoon sometime ..... call from the police about the stolen car; it's been found ... in Dartmouth!! Some bad lads must have taken it (and its full tank of fuel!) on a jaunt to Cornwall.

Footie update:
Mighty Seagulls lost to the even mightier Burnley ... mate Martyn v happy.
ManU won - of course!

Anyway ... the rest of the weekend was pretty mundane, except for the snow in Haslemere on the way back; the really tasty curry; and the rubbish 'French' market on Sunday.

Monday: Phew! back at work ...

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