Thursday, September 30, 2004

Watching Arsenal in Europe is like .......zzzzzzzzzzzzz

'Bravo!' Gooners for eeking out a 1-1 against Rosenborg (who?). And you guys had the nerve to suggest that Fenerbahce were a weak side - all I am saying is 4 (four!!) goals difference!!

Come Sunday 24 October: I reckon your ass is grass and ManU will be the lawn mower!

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BobFleming said...

Typical Utd fan - last time I looked Utd actually scored 6. 6 minus 1 is five goals difference. You must use the same calculator watch Fergie has for adding up injury time.....

Be interesting to see how Rooney performs away in Europe both on and off the pitch - I'm sure his obviously highly developed foreign language skills will stand him in good stead when ordering pork pies and burgers in continental restaurants.

'Je voudrais un baquet de saindoux svp'