Friday, September 17, 2004

Medieval Commentary

Nice to know that Terry Butcher is a 21st century man - NOT! During the coverage of last night's game, Middlesborough v Banik Ostrava. He commented on the fact that there was a female official and wondered if she would be participating in any post-match shirt swapping!!!

The groan from his fellow commentator said it all ...... and anyway, since when did the officials swap shirts with players?? Can't imagine that Becks was desperate to swap shirts with Meier after that tragic game during Euro 2004 - can you?

Bravo 'Boro by the way on the 3-0 win! Isn't Viduka looking porky? Still cannot get used to Jimmy Floyd in red .......... and Steve McLaren's face is redder than Fergie's just lately, he was clearly taught well by the master tomato!

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