Monday, September 20, 2004


Clearly I am no more the lucky talisman ....... There was a time when the Seagulls would never lose (perhaps sometimes draw) when I was watching them at the mighty Withdean. Now?? well ......

Brighton v QPR on Saturday, well, what can I say? They got 3 goals and the Albion only got 2 - so I guess that means that they somehow won. Brighton went into the second half leading 2-1, by this time, as the play was pretty impressive, I was predicting an overall 3-1 win for the Seagulls!

However, this was not to be ..... the midfield started flagging, one too many inaccurate passes, resulting in lost possession, poor decisions (or rather no decisions!!) by the linesman and QPR got an equaliser - from a definite offside position, no doubt about it, there I was languishing in my freebie seat in the North Stand, parallel to the goal - IT WAS OFFSIDE!!!! The third goal was a little iffy too, perhaps only marginally.

And then minutes later ...... they got the decisive 3rd goal that sealed our fate. Gutted! I think one of the major factors to the defeat was McGhee's substitutions - they weren't bad subs, just far too late in the game to make any difference, the legs were already knackered by then and the shape suffered accordingly, it was like watching the last five minutes of an England game - you just knew it was all going to go pear-shaped!!

Clearly the linesman wasn't that confident that he had made the right decisions by keeping his flag well and truly down, as soon as the final whistle went he ran like lightning into the tunnel - obviously fearing some kind of Frisk style retribution from the Brighton fans.

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