Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dick Runnaway's Road Trip

The story so far ...............

Departed Emsworth Saturday (11th September) afternoon and eventually 'landed' in Croyde on the North Devon Coast, where he spent the night in his mates VW lorry that has been converted into 'luxury' accommodation

Then went surfing with his mate at Putsborough then headed off to Penzance. Where he met a particularly boisterous youth hostel 'worker' who said that he was 'rushing things' if he expected to get round the area in such a short space of time! Rik poo-pooed his advice and made it to ......

.......... Lands End - Minack Theatre - St. Michaels Mount (which was 'closed' due to poor weather) before heading off to Bristol.

However, this plan was short-lived as he had the wrong mobile number for his friend so he went to Derby instead!

By Tuesday he had made it to Chester via Portmeirion (home of the lovely potteries!) and then managed to get a few hours driving in (Lake District by moonlight route!) to make it to a youth hostel in Kendall before 11pm last night.

Wednesday - the 30th birthday - Kendall Mint Cake substitutes for a birthday cake no doubt! Today's plan is to get to Scotland ...... watch this space!!!

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