Friday, December 10, 2010


I asked Twitter what they thought of "faggots", here follow the results:

@Max_Tucker - Err... what?
@nickw84 - Can't say that I've ever had any faggots, but I hear they're still very popular in the North-East.
@AlisonWride - love them
@TheMightierEvo @amateuradam Adam you pounced on that like Mr Brains himself.
@LesleyPearse I love faggots, but couldn't eat more than 1. I like 'Brains' ones, but wish they'd change their name.
@Bennphotography - we've got one in the office, he's cool. Ooh you mean the meatballs don't you! :)
@bogzdollox - what sort? the american slang version or the offal wrapped in sheepguts one?
@rain_string - I think they're an affront to God. ..People should use matches rather than bundles of dry twigs or kindling to light their fires.
@domcoke think they should have the same rights as everyone else!
@spaghettiphant - Brains Faggots in Gravy are delicious :oD
@mashupsoldier - there's a deli round the corner from me that has a bowl of them.. With a sign saying "loose faggots"
@Hampshire_Cad - Generally, I've found that faggots give great blowjobs
@BodOfBritain - are you talking about the faggot that goes well with gravy or the type that works well with man-gravy?
@b4rkas - I have been known to fit two faggots in my mouth during a single session.

So there you have it, Twitter's view on faggots.

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